About Us

MIT(Medical Iran Tomel Ltd.) a reputable medical/healthcare representative and consultancy services group with extensive experience in the distribution and promotion of medical products for the Iranian Market, stablished 1975. The principal executive areas of the company are concentrated on Orthopedic/Trauma, Blood machineries for importation to Iranian Market.

Thanks to Affiliates working beside us, MIT is proud to have a mutual cooperation in the following fields under business opperation of the sister companies:

1. Iran International Procurement Co. (BETA ) Management

2. Iran International Procurement of Industries Co. ( I.I.P.I .): Industries Tools& Machineries.

3. Behdarou Tehran ( B.D.T.): Importer of Medical Disposables

4. Falahat International Procurement Co. (F.I.P): Distributor of Medical magazines and books

5. Iran Tomel Co pjs , only similarity in names with MIT

6. Ostoreh Teb novin Co.

7. Teb rah pooya

Each Company has its own Board of Directors, and are located in different buildings but contributed by joint shareholders with variable level of investments .
MIT is in close co-operation with different customer channels in Iran including

1. Ministry of health(M.O.H)

2. Academic institutions (Uiversities)

3. Public/Private hospitals

and organizations affiliated to medical & health centers.


1. Respects to Customers

2. Capable work force /Educated and skilled personnel

3. Work accuracy

4. Guaranteed service satisfaction

5. Professional image in the Market.

6. Cooperating with Key medical specialists and University professors as our products advisors.