The PCS2 system is Haemonetics latest technology for the collection of plasma and flexible protocols allow for the collection of "jumbo" units of platelet-poor plasma, platelet-poor plasma with optional saline replacement, and source leukocytes/plasma.

To further support customer needs, the system is compact, lightweight, and user-friendly with built-in safety features. These include:

  • Self-loading pumps
  • Automatic priming
  • Comprehensive error and diagnostic messages
  • Advanced optical sensors
  • Easy-to-read display
  • Minimal alarms
  • Average 600 ml collection time of 37 minutes

The system is engineered for safety with:

  • Redundant air detectors
  • Donor line pressure monitor
  • Low ratio of anticoagulant to blood
  • Fluid sensor
  • Enclosed centrifuge well