CTRS Carpal Tunnel Release System

About the CTRS

The MicroAire Carpal Tunnel Release System is a technological breakthrough in carpal tunnel surgery. This innovative system, using a minimally-invasive approach, provides significant patient benefits.

A small incision at the base of the wrist creates an entry for the disposable blade assembly. An endoscope, connected to a standard video camera system, provides a clear view of the underside of the transverse carpal ligament. With the disposable blade assembly accurately positioned beneath the transverse carpal ligament, the surgeon elevates the retractable blade by means of a trigger, and withdraws the blade assembly-incising the ligament.

Patient Benefits

Patients benefit from a procedure which requires only a minimal incision at the wrist, resulting in less morbidity. Recovery time is lessened, with patients benefiting from:

  • Early return to activities of daily living
  • Early return to work-almost 50% faster than those who undergo conventional open carpal tunnel surgery
  • Improved cosmetic results

Surgeon Benefits

Surgeons benefit from the extensive research and design work that has been clinically tested, resulting in:

  • A simple, easy-to-use design
  • A complete set of supporting instrumentation
  • A surgical protocol developed and tested by a panel of hand surgeonsą
  • Documented resultsą ˛
  • Improved patient satisfaction